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Went out for a ride on the RS this morning and got in around 80 miles. The new bits seemed to do their respective jobs. the new levers felt really nice and the cowling was (and IMHO looked) excellent. the main this though was the RapidBike performance plugin. Very definitely felt and sounded different, it seems to have smoothed out moving off in first gear and seemed to make the bike a lot smoother. For me, the main difference was the sound much more throaty, rather pleased with it to be honest. I'm still debating about the cat removal, not sure I want to cut it off and can't really stretch to new headers with a link pipe, that might be a birthday/Christmas pressie  :018:

Items for Sale / Re: Akrapovic Header
« Last post by Papa Cap on Today at 01:48:09 PM »
 Still available. Now $400. Any takers?
*Originally Posted by Andyb1962 [+]
Surely the remap on the PC5 should have sorted out the throttle . Never heard of people having a remap and a throttle tamer or BP etc .

Why are you so condescending when surely you no little or nothing about what you speak of. I wonder in what circles you run in not to hear the throttle solution. If it could be fixed by computer mapping don't you think that your local dealer could solve it the the bike's stock CPU.

I had the power Commander mapped by Brock for their pipe. Their suggestion was the throttle tamer. The combination is amazing.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Replacing Horn
« Last post by OKZ on Today at 12:01:25 PM »
Excellent CTD, job well done. Appreciate you sharing that, I thought about that but I did not look into it.  :028:
« Last post by OKZ on Today at 11:58:55 AM »
*Originally Posted by CaliZed9 [+]
Iíve heard from more than one source that the average speed of these tours is under 35 mph.

From some people I know that have been on a tour or two with them, it depends on the guide and the group your with. Both times that I have heard of the pace was decent when riding through the twisty fun stuff.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Puig Retro Semi Fairing
« Last post by KatanaAl on Today at 09:53:38 AM »
Has anybody fitted one of these to their bike ? I have fitted one to my spark black bike and I can't get it to line up over the headlight. It looks ok on the bike but the bottom fits perfectly around the headlight, the top looks like it should go back 10mm but can't because of the clocks. The fairing does look really good, I've had it wrapped in a gloss black finish.

*Originally Posted by Contrasens [+]
It's still on the bike, but disconnected. I wanted to see if I feel anything without it. and the answer is: .....yeah....maybe :D

This is a confirmation that my bike does not suffer from the "throttle problem". Or that I learned to deal with it. Anyway, in the next days I will probably remove it, place it in its original box, and sell it. Hopefully will help someone else, someone who really has this throttle issue.

If you do think about selling it, i will be interested. No massive problems on my bike, but then I've had a few Euro 4 bikes which all could exhibit the light switch throttle unless you're careful, and do wonder if the Booster Plug will make it that be better for me.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Replacing Horn
« Last post by CTD on Today at 08:08:03 AM »
First, happy to provide you with the link.  It relates to the German Amazon page, but on that basis it should be easy to find it on amazon.com or elsewhere as well.


Second, I actually didnĎt need to build a new bracket, as I just used what came with the new horns.  I therefore screwed the two horns together on their respective plain sheets and mounted them to the lowest, centrally (!) located screw thread of the head lamp.  Just used a slightly longer screw (30 mm) with a flat screw head plus two thicker washers to get sufficient distance to the mount.

For the electrical connection I also just used the four short cables that already came with the horns.  I covered them with shrink hoses for both black appearance and heat protection.  Finally, I crimped one plug to every two cables. I have absolutely no concerns that this could be drawing too much amperage even w/o an additional relais.

Good luck!
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: quick's 2018 kawasaki Z900RS
« Last post by quick on Today at 06:32:19 AM »
*Originally Posted by Toro [+]
:062:, where did you get the model, what brand is it and which scale?

i got mine from japan. it's made by maisto and is 1/12.


apparently, also available here: https://hlj.com/1-12-scale-kawasaki-z900rs-candy-tone-brown-x-candy-tone-orange-aos10501

IIRC they also have the cafe models...

thanks calized. looks like it's the same model...
There was a problem with early bikes cutting out when the throttle was applied, apparently the idle speed was too low and setting it to 1150 - 1200 rpm cured it. Not sure if that's what your experiencing?
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