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New Member Introductions / Re: Coming back home
« Last post by Otown on Today at 02:59:22 PM »
Hey Tobacco, glad you found your way home after all this time. I didn't think anybody could enjoy their bike more than I like mine, but now I'm not so sure!
New Member Introductions / Coming back home
« Last post by Tobacco on Today at 01:48:57 PM »
I picked up a new 2018 z900rs (root beer like color) and am so thrilled to be back on  a Kawasaki.  When I was 14 years old,   I saved $280  to purchase my first motorcycle at age 14 while working the summer in tobacco fields all day earning $18‐23/day . One day I got a chance to see the tobacco taken to auction warehouse in South Boston, VA in 1988 and I saw  a golden /light orange colored 1972 Kawasaki 750 H2. I had no idea this bike would be highly prized in the future.  Inexperienced as I was,  I road for 1 year having the absolute best time of my life ( sorry to say but no license, registration, and thus an  ignorant, fun loving kid) until one day it stalled- engine rise and die down before stopping. I could not get it to start again and couldn't afford to take it to a shop.  I was only in  10th grade.  But I loved this bike like some love their pets.  I would sit on it pretending to ride it again.  I would push it for miles up a long country rode just to let it roll down a hill and ride it just to hear the engine purr briefly  as it turned over  once I kicked it into gear I could briefly hear it come back to life. Finally,  after two years,  my sister's boyfriend looked at it for only  2 minutes and said,  "it's just out of Gas" and started it immediately after pouring in fuel.  Dumb me was shocked because I could see a small amount of gas in the  tank before and hear it swish around,  but I never new it needed more than that amount.  I guess I though it had to run dry.  So i rode 6 more months before going off to college feeling i had reunited with an old love.  I had named my bike,  "Tobacco" when I was 14.  While in college,  my sister said the city was complaining about her boyfriend's multiple cars in the front yard and wanted to know what my plans were for the bike.  I told her to sell if for whatever she can and keep the money- we were quite poor.  Some lucky person paid $50 for this bike.  I didn't ride again until 2006 when I bought new kawasaki concours (yes, MC license, registration, and Insurance this time around).  While getting my tires changed,  service manager asked if I'd had other bikes and I told him about Tobacco.  He, knowing I had no idea what I had had in my possession age 14-17  said you better have a seat and he then pulled up pictures of my bike on Ebay ,or some site , selling for $$$$$.  So I later got a concours 14 20008 new and loved it but sold it reasoning  I was going  listen to everyone around and be responsible and "stop riding" in 2019 and finally pay off school loans and debt.  That worked out well.  But......  Then last year,  I stopped fighting the urge to restore what makes me happy.  I purchased used 2016 BMW k1600GT which I love.  And just last week I got a 2019 speed triple RS that I've been craving for 1 year and love.  And finally,  I bought the z900rs because , though it pays homage to the original Z1 1973, it reminds me of my old friend,  Tobacco.  Each bike encourages appreciation and love for the other as the differences heighten my thrill with each ride.  I'm so happy.   On the Z900RS The  few miles I've ridden brings nostalgia much in the way a smell/aroma or music can take you back to the emotions you had before.  I'm home now.   One issue with never starting on first try, always as  the second, but I'll create a new post for that question - wondering if t hi s is normal or set up problem the dealer can fix with fuel/air mixture or throttle.
New Member Introductions / Re: New member
« Last post by Z900RSCafe on Today at 01:33:32 PM »
Welcome Marco.  Nice picture!
New Member Introductions / Re: Another Cafe owner! UK.
« Last post by Z900RSCafe on Today at 01:31:52 PM »
Welcome foureyes.  What colour is yours?
Thanks TallyRex and Salnap.
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: Gearing change done - up 15 to 16
« Last post by IndyTom on Today at 01:16:24 PM »
Jt sprockets are known to have issues on the RS. Pay a few bucks more and get the OEM
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: Sprockets and gear ratio
« Last post by sooty on Today at 11:26:35 AM »
*Originally Posted by silverjoe [+]
I have ordered and 16 and 17 so I'll find out if the 17 fits, after pulling the sprocket cover of there does not seem to be excessive clearance for the chain around the drive sprocket we will  see.

Whats the verdict Joe, we are all waiting to hear... :148:
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Winter Upgrades in the pipeline
« Last post by Sea_Eagle on Today at 09:55:58 AM »
 :002: 'morning all.  New member just easing myself into the forum. Got a 2018 RS in March this year- and love it!!
As winter is upon us now I'm looking at making a few changes  to slightly modify my bike. Namely, Small Screen, Rad Guard, Bar risers (to help an ageing back), Pillion footrest lowering kit (if I can find one, doesn't seem to be many options on this one) to help ageing pillion (the Mrs) and a detachable luggage system from Ventura. The only thing I've managed so far is to fit a Power Commander to help smooth out the power delivery but haven't yet managed any miles with it to post an objective opinion, but I will when I've tried it properly. The graphs that came back after fitting definitely show an improvement in power and torque with a much smoother acceleration curve. Any thoughts on luggage, and footrest lowering kits appreciated.
Suspension Set-up and Mods / Re: Ohlins Suspension
« Last post by Andyb1962 on Today at 09:11:08 AM »
*Originally Posted by mfairplay [+]
The RS is one of the few bikes I've owned where my first impulse wasn't to stick another shock on it. I weigh about 185 lbs with gear.
It wasn’t my first impulse tbh . But I got it in winter and the roads were bad and I was running it in. Once the roads cleaned up and I upped the pace I immediately noticed the lack of grip in the tyres and damping in the F & R .
I changed em all . Made a phenomenal difference.
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