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Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: Pushing the 900rs hard
« Last post by TallyRex on Today at 08:54:48 AM »
I feel the same way, HeyZues
If I could make a suggestion:
You guys need to take this off the forum, and go to the Twisted Throttle web site, they have all the answers. They have SW Motech & Givi bags.
SW Motech Parts:
Z900RS & Cafe tank ring,  Type 140, 5 screw
SW Motech tank bags that I know fit, & will not rub the gas tank
Micro - 2.5/5 liter
Daypack - 5/9 liter
Sport - 14/21 liter
New Member Introductions / Re: Kawdog from the snake in East Tennessee
« Last post by Kawdog on Today at 04:39:00 AM »
Thanks everyone,
I do have some great riding here. We have lakes and mountains, so that means some unreal curvy, mountain roads. The old Z-1 still eats up the mountain roads with raw power, and good handling. That bike rides great, and There is a reason for the legend. I've had a 1000 ninja, wicked fast, but I still have kept the 900 for over 30 years. The new Zeb has big shoes to fill. I'll do a comparison as soon as we get some riding weather.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Lower mirrors
« Last post by ve3hzz on Today at 04:20:19 AM »
Looking at pictures of mine at the dealership and the ones posted above in this post. Mine have a slight uptick at the bend where both of these seem to be FLAT. So I bet as someone else stated there OEM mirrors that have been tweeked slightly to bend them down for a different look. So can't see it being that hard to make the same adjustment on ones own mirrors..but OFF the bike with correct equipment..but I think it could be done to enhance the look as shown. Remember they also do a lot of photo shop on line pictures so unless you saw that bike in person it's all guess work as to what they did on that bike. It makes sense if it has Cafe bars as they are dark in photo..but again photo shopped possibly?
Yes the date code is easy to identify. For example mine was 02/18 which is Feb 2018 build date. IT was likely in the dealership end of March/April of 2018 but not purchased till I did Jan 2019. I suspect most 2019 models would not be started to build till Sept (09) or after for 2019 which here were only available near end of January or about 2 weeks before the manufacture show. The Jan show in Toronto did not have any 2019 models at it nor any of the new 2019 W800 bikes, until last weekend when the manufacture show which crosses Canada came to Toronto market. Dealers in the area didn't have any on display till about a week before the show (I am supposing were told to hold off putting them on display, and to sell off there 2018 models some have left over).
It is interesting only the US market (that I've found via Kawaski websites) has the green listed. Every other market has the Grey/green stripe and Stormcloud blue for the Cafe only, no green mentioned. And yes waiting a year might find a few used ones available, but doubt dealers will lower prices. Infact here the 2019 is 100-200 more then last year and other then color I've not found any differences (both mentioned and in person looking over the 2019 models) so price increase is not due to model changes only either more expensive to build ? or they just want more!
*Originally Posted by IndyTom [+]
It will probably be a while before I can make the jump.  My wife shot me down and told me that I have to sell my bike before I can get another one.  Can't go against her wishes or I may sleep on the couch for life  :034:

That's pretty much where I was but as you know my son is learning to ride so I had the avenue of passing the bike along and by nothing less than a miracle she bought into the proposition.

Miracles do happen!!!
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Lextek header pipes
« Last post by Redlinez on Today at 02:47:02 AM »
The Delkevic header is 1/2 the price of the Akrapovic and quite good quality from everything I've read.  Even comes the midpipe that allows use of stock muffler or aftermarket one.
So the ST603 isn't an ideal fit.  Any other tank lock style with 15L capacity that compare to the XS307?
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Lower mirrors
« Last post by Redlinez on Today at 02:33:40 AM »
Liking those mirrors as well.  Not a fan of bar end mirrors. 
*Originally Posted by ve3hzz [+]
But the Cafe near you is a 2019 and same color? Check if it is the build date listed on the front down tube. I still suspect that 2019 Cafe in Green are left over 2018 production they now are selling as 2019 models. IF so might be why the other dealer is not willing to negotiate more (or seems to not from what you stated).

In any case yes more info better negotiations...GOOD LUCK!!

Interesting and believable theory

Is the date code obvious and not cryptic? About what date is the oldest you could attribute to a 2019?

I haven't seen it yet, but yes it is supposed to be green

If I were more patient, I'd wait another year because as much as we love these bikes, I have to believe that those that really wanted them have bought them, especially the green ones, and there will be an abundance of leftover bikes next year

EDIT: Kawasaki USA is showing green as the only available color (I know that is different from other markets)
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