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*Originally Posted by CaliZed9 [+]
Is the zip out liner a full sleeve liner?
Yes it is. There are tiny loops at the end of each liner sleeve that hook to buttons in the jacket cuffs so that the liner doesn't pull out when you remove the jacket.
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Getting harder and harder to find a good bike.
« Last post by KAK1 on Today at 09:27:14 PM »
I'm in the market for a new bike. It's been thirteen years since I bought my new '07 ZX14. Getting older, I've decided I need something more comfortable on 2-4 day trips. I'll miss the 14. I had no idea how much.
I thought it would be easy to find a new bike that I'd like to keep another ten years or longer. I've narrowed it down to three bikes; the 2020 Ninja 1000SX, the 2020 900RS ABS and the 900 Cafe'.
I've become a member here and at a Z1000 forum, trying to get info. Depending on which model, it's disappointing to read about "snatchy throttles", poorly designed or deliberately under-sized fenders, hard seats, incorrect rear tire size, technology that is forced on us and other issues that should've disappeared years ago. Jeez, some toasters come with a longer standard warranty.
If the makers simply read what owners talk about on these forums, the bikes would be so much better right out of the showroom. I was prepared to spend more money to eliminate an ugly muffler and rear fender eliminator, like on the Ninja, but now I have to accept and pay for technology that affects the handling and braking instead of leaving me in control. How about a center stand instead or a rear tire size that makes the bike handle like it should? Power modes? Why not training wheels? Probably no market for them. Optional luggage that's over-priced and they put a red bicycle reflector right smack in the middle. Every accessory costs twice what it's worth. I find out the bike "cruises" at 70 mph at about 6,000 rpm's? Owners have to change the gearing to settle it down some.
I'm reading the 900's need a flash that can cost $350. How does that happen? The seat is almost 33 inches high. Buy the expensive low seat and kiss comfort goodbye. Center stand, no longer standard equipment like on my '79 GS1000, another $300. Front and rear fenders so ridiculously short, you wonder how any designer or engineer could ever dream up such stuff and others actually approve it? I read the things new owners have to deal with that simply shouldn't happen anymore.
Over-priced accessories, parts, limited stock, no stock, one color choice per year(sometimes matte), no test rides.....
I really don't like complaining, but buying a new bike should be a better experience than what it's become. I've watched dealer after dealer disappear over the years. Less and less bikes commuting. Routine maintenance become more and more difficult. Little boxes like an ABS module cost $1,400. Dealers that most people now call "stealers" that can't be trusted to do valve clearance adjustments, let alone actually check the clearances and many other maintenance issues. Take a bike to the shop and you may not see it for weeks, and, it may be pushed outside in the rain at some point. But you can get your car or truck fixed often in a day.
And like a fool, because I still want to ride, I have to accept it. So instead of finding a bike that I'm happy with as is, I have to try to pick the bike with the least amount of problems or things that need to be replaced.
The only thing that's gotten better is these forums and the info they provide. At least I can't say I walked into something blind.
Is the zip out liner a full sleeve liner?
Joe Rocket Classic 92 Brown/Orange Leather Jacket size 2XL - Matches the Jaffa paint scheme.
I have lost weight and had to purchase a smaller size.
Worn only 1/2 of a riding season, the zip-out liner was never worn.
Does NOT come with elbow, shoulder, or back armor. This is an option from Joe Rocket, but the pockets to contain the armor pieces are sewn in to the jacket from the factory.
This jacket is very soft leather and super comfortable.
From a non-smoking home.
I am asking $250
Local pickup ok or will ship at direct cost for postage.

Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: Question re: brushed finish on Cafe exhaust.
« Last post by KAK1 on Today at 08:11:46 PM »
Thanks for the reply. It does help. I'm assuming the Cafe's brushed finish on the muffler can be polished off to look like polished stainless? I don't want to buy an aftermarket slip-on. 
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Winter Mods - Part 1
« Last post by foureyes on Today at 07:40:14 PM »
Don't worry...

Turns out it comes off much easier if the forks are straight without the steering lock on!  :002:

For anyone interested you need to take the clocks off and remove the top two bolts that hold the headlight frame to the triple clamp.
Items Wanted / Centre stand
« Last post by green-zed-69 on Today at 07:16:23 PM »
Is anybody selling a centre stand,  cash waiting.. :440:
The headers on the cafe are polished if that helps.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Which Tyres ? Tried Recommendations
« Last post by Stone on Today at 04:17:26 PM »
I have a pair of Continental Road Attack 3's arriving today...am hoping to see a similar improvement over the stock Dunlop tires.
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: My oil change policy
« Last post by Pappy on Today at 03:46:59 PM »
It was a joke Halbie...don't let it ruin your Starbucks experience!  :008:
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