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*Originally Posted by Maxacceleration [+]
Rich a$$ Bellevue neighborhood.  :169:
Am I griping?? Hmmm... Not really! LOL Fun 300 mile day.

Back at the dealer, eh?  Lotta hours in the saddle!
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: What did you do to your Zed today?
« Last post by sklover on Today at 05:54:13 AM »
2334.  And I actually took time today to practice low speed handling in a parking lot, something I've been saying I was going to do and never doing it :002:
*Originally Posted by luishcorreia [+]
So, in conclusion, the NC windshield does not eliminate buffeting?

The NC windshield does not eliminate buffeting.  It reduces it, a lot.  You can see from this pic that I've got mine sitting higher than the 'std' install to try to get more protection.  I am very short.  I have the short seat.  The NC Street shield comes up to ~ my neck, maybe a lil higher, but I still notice n deal with some buffeting.  It is worth having.  Compared to the no windshield buffeting it's so much calmer.  Sometimes when a big double semi is oncoming approaching on a fast 2 lane road I'll duck into the wind shield shadow briefly as the air blast goes by.  Overall I highly like it and recommend it.

Rode. I hit 2900 miles today. My buddy hit 800..

I decided that I had some extra time on my hands, and so I began the process of modifying the fan relay switch so I could use it from the handlebars...
* The first thing to do was to get 5 colors of high quality 22 gauge multi strand wire, Amazon, $22.00 US.
* The second was to add 60" of wire to the switch end, and shrink wrap the soldered joints and about 3 feet of the wire harness.
* I then went back & mounted the switch back on to the handlebar mounts, raised the fuel tank, four 6mm bolts, very easy, and ran the harness through the frame.
* I removed the battery, found the relay box, and also found that there was no spare room for anything else down in the pocket. Making the harness was not hard, just a little time consuming, soldering on their end with the 4 wire connectors was not hard.
* Trying to fine a good place for their male/female connectors was really a pain. They did not allow enough wire length between the two connectors to position them without stress.
* I had to remove the fuse box's out of the way, & unplug the rectifier, so that I could get into the area & cut back some of the main harness end tape, to make room.
* So, all ended well, and all the systems work, including the fan relay switch
Would I do it again, not so sure. I ended up with a wiring system that is just as reliable as when it was stock, but I have been working on engines & bikes for 40 years.
If you are new to this, I would no recommend this temperature fix.
New Member Introductions / Re: New From Texas
« Last post by LuckyRS on Today at 03:45:46 AM »
Yep, another ZRXOA guy.  I posted in your thread there.
In the scheme of things here, you're not too far from me.
Yep.  My MPG have reduced a bit since the mods but the Smiles Per Gallon have increased exponentially.  :)
Z900RS - Main Chat board / Re: What did you do to your Zed today?
« Last post by Hillie on Today at 02:03:07 AM »
Just noticed I went past 3k miles, now just over 3100. Not too shabby in 2 months. It's a fun bike to ride still. :002:

Changed the oil today, went from Motul 5100 to 7100, from semi to full synth. The 7100 smells like some sweet synthetic fruit candy, cherry maybe? Red color instead of green. Oh well, who cares, as long as it works. OEM Kawasaki filter. And while it was on the lift, I always lift the rear and do a chain clean and lube, took off the sprocket cover as well and cleaned some crud out. Sprockets still look good and the front one was nice and clean, surprisingly. Also took the lift opportunity to clean the bread box a bit and the headers. It looks like a shiny new(-ish) bike again, with a clean and oiled chain.
Yep totally get it and almost caveated my original post in acknowledgement of the contradiction, but still curious about people's real world numbers..? 
I think I paid about $160 through webike. The shipping wasn't bad.
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