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ABBA Stand Adventure.
on: July 01, 2020, 09:38:49 PM
Nope, didn't drop the bike, that's the good news!
     So my wonderful wife, unbeknownst to me, gets me the ABBA Superbike Stand, all the way from Great Britain for father's day, because I showed her the video and exclaimed how cool it was.  Not just the stand, but also the wall mount, the parts tray, and the front wheel lifting extension kit.
I, despite being careful, slow, and methodical unpacking, assembling, and installing it on the bike, manage to leave out the left hand adapter for the swingarm axle.  Hey, who knew I needed it.  The stock part in the stand fit in the swingarm hole, and around the swingarm nut inside the whole just fine.  What could go wrong!
     So up goes the bike on the ABBA Stand.  It's really a clever design, sort of like a super jumbo size center stand, that you can take on and off the bike.
The bike goes up on the stand, but I noticed at the end of it's upward swing, there seems to be a little more resistance than I anticipated.  So I look down, and see this:

So, apparently, the small gold bobbin that I failed to stick in the left side swingarm hole before attaching the ABBA Superbike stand gave me just enough clearance to avoid bending the shifter.  Also feels much sturdier supporting the bike with it in place.  Good thing my wife made me watch the video again, so I could see what I did wrong.  I was about 3/4 of the way to putting it all back in the box and shipping it back to England, but it was a gift, and would have made her sad.  :019:

Last known picture of my straight shifter:

By the way, when you are trying to straighten your shifter back out with a deepwell socket, ratchet and breaker bar, you can get it about 80 % straight again, right before you snap it.  Ask me how I know!
Kawasaki part #13236-0808,      $74.84 with tax, be here in 2-3 business days at Iron Pony, coming from Kentucky.  Live and learn! :027:

Well, back to the good news, I didn't drop the bike!
And my back wheel has never been cleaner!  :038:

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Re: ABBA Stand Adventure.
Reply #1 on: July 01, 2020, 10:11:12 PM
Don't feel too bad.

The reason I bought an ABBA stand is due to the fact that I did drop my Z.
Shutting the barn door, so to speak.

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Re: ABBA Stand Adventure.
Reply #2 on: July 01, 2020, 11:25:28 PM
I had a bobbin issue, also. When you take the bike off the stand, the bobbins often remain stuck in the bike, instead of staying in the female receptacle on the stand. If you don't notice, you'll ride away, and road vibration shakes the bobbin out of the bike onto the road somewhere, and then you're out a bobbin altogether. This happened to me, and Abba did me a favor by selling me a half bobbin kit, at cost. Perhaps it helped that I had just paid full fare for the "Superbike" stand.

More importantly, Abba provided the following two suggestions  for preventing the bobbin-falling problem in the future:

1. Smear some grease of the back end of the male fitting and it will create a good "air lock seal" and will stay in the lift. Although the grease won't last forever and this will need topping up.

2. A dab of silicon sealant on the back of the male fitting will retain it in place for a longer period if you have it available.
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