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My prior Buell 1125R I ran 7100 exclusively also. The difference I felt vs the M1 might have been the placebo effect but, it gave that bike a lot more solid and firm shifts. I'll experiment with the Motul in this bike as well.

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When I did my first service I went to the dealer to get a filter and oil.

I got a stock Kawi filter and Amsoil. The transmission really likes this oil and shifts like butter now.
The engine (seems) to run a lot cooler too. Listening to it idle with the Amsoil also seems to be smoother and quieter.

I ran all last summer with Amsoil in and the bike ran great.

I spoke to the dealer about the change and a Master Tech told me in his opinion I did the right thing.
He said most of the Techs run Motul or Amsoil in their machines.

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Another convert from semi to fully synth. on recommendation of mechanic  :047:

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I just did the same with about 6.ooo km, having heard a one hour dealers presentation by an renowned oil company about the different abilities of mineral, HTC synthesis and fully synthetic oil. They offer the whole range, but if you see the charts of the different qualities especially during the whole changing interval, the decision is clear.
Now I tried a fully synthetic Repsol oil (this was not the company with the presentation!) the gearbox is so much smoother now!  :046:
I will stay with such an oil for our cars and my bikes.

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I agree Synthetic is the way to go.