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This is a ritual that I go through every year with whatever bike I have at the time. Right now it's my Z900RS Cafe. I have had very good luck, almost never having to replace a chain & the sprockets by following this cleaning & relubing scheme. I sure there are unlimited different ways to accomplish the task, this is just my way. DID Chain recommends that you only clean their chains using Kerosene, they say that anything else will damage the chains O-Rings. Kerosene is actually a very very light oil. So I clean the whole back of the bike with kerosene, paying close attention to the chain, chain rollers, & side plates. Sorry, I did not take any pictures of the cleaning work, but I place low sided pans all around the left side of the bike. It gets pretty messy, but I get the rear wheel cleaned as well, so it's worth the mess. I give it a MILD blow dry, & then let it sit overnight to dry. The next morning, I grab an old cardboard box, & cut it out so it fits real close to the chain & bike, I need to spin the rear wheel while spraying the White Lithium Grease onto the chain. I give the chain a good first coat, let it sit for an hour or so, & then I spray a heavy final coat. I always spray the inside of the chain. Almost no lube gets on the frame or the rear wheel. Now here's the trick, just leave the bike alone for a day or so. I let the solvent in the spray lithium grease evaporate. It's the liquid grease that penetrates the chain, once it evaporates , you have lithium grease all over, & in your chain. I finish the job by taking a bunch of Scott paper towels, and holding them around the chain, & wiping off the excess, as I spin the rear wheel. When it's all done, I'm good for the Spring riding season, with just an occasional spray during the summer. Let it sit a day or so, & almost none will spin off the chain, onto the wheel. It's sort of like putting on a new chain every year.
Hope this was useful.
West Bend, WI USA