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Re: What Are Your Most Enjoyed Benefits Of Your RS?
Reply #40 on: October 25, 2019, 03:33:14 PM
*Originally Posted by Maxacceleration [+]
This weekend I experimented with the KTRC. All I have done on the #1 position (where I normally ride) is low level wheelies - floating over intersections or raising the wheel over my favorite rises in my local roads.
So... my friend now has a Cafe and we ride together, which makes for a bit of jousting. And a couple of drag race starts!
We run pretty equal of course.
So I turned off my KTRC and I plan a hard start. Hard 1st gear start & not trying to wheelie. Short shift to second... and viola! Killer continual rising 2nd gear wheelie. Beauty sound out of my pipe. Next to my buddy lol. My Kawi wheelies easy, almost too easy. But very fun. Riders beware! Be safe.

The benefit of the KTRC is interesting. I plan to keep my bike on the #1 position. Traction control is a good thing.
Just thought I would share my 'experiment' lol and the results I had.
All combined in a fun day of riding on the Wa state peninsula.  :028:
Yep, it's a wheelie monster. Yahoo!
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Re: What Are Your Most Enjoyed Benefits Of Your RS?
Reply #41 on: October 25, 2019, 05:57:47 PM
^^^^^ I'm going home right now to get my bike and try to duplicate this experiment!!!

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Re: What Are Your Most Enjoyed Benefits Of Your RS?
Reply #42 on: October 25, 2019, 06:10:25 PM
My most enjoyed benefit this year has been the ownership of the bike itself ('19 Cafe). Just a great first year with the bike.
In looks, and sound, and personalization with farkling. So many more benefits than negatives.
Even if its not the fastest bike on the road, it rips through the gears like a banshee. Enough comfort. Enough wind protection. Enough handling. Enough!
Over the top aesthetics...  :028: :028: :028:  Maybe I'm easy to please.

Now lets get this cold weather behind us lol.
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Re: What Are Your Most Enjoyed Benefits Of Your RS?
Reply #43 on: November 06, 2019, 06:35:42 AM
#1  That buttery-smooth engine. Such a relief after riding that buzzbomb F800GT on the freeway these last few months. That goddam BMW I traded in for this RS-Cafe felt like it was chewing itself apart at anything over 77mph. However I have to keep one eye on the speedo of this Cafe, because 105 feels about the same as 80.

#2  Fuel economy. Averaging better than 48.5mpg even while much of my riding is a sustained 80+ mph.

#3  The easy access of the engine for maintenance. I love that the oil filter and drain plug are so close together, which means the oilpan will catch the drippings from both orifices during oil changes. Am averaging nearly 1000 miles per week, so I'm already looking forward to my first oil change this weekend. (I don't count the first service as my first oil change.)  And every time I look down at that easy-access camchain tensioner, I can't wait for my first valve adjustment! The valve adjustments on my 9R are such a PITA because the engine is shoe-horned into that beefy aluminium frame, and it's impossible to get a torque wrench (or anything but open-ended wrenches really) on that CCT bolts.

#4  Sitting up nice and high improves my visibility when I'm lane-sharing in heavy traffic. People are also more likely to see me coming and many of them make a little extra room.

#5  The softer cams on this make the bike less angry than my ZX9R. It doesn't hit scary-hard like my ZX9R does when you twist the go-stick, but it's still got a lot more squirt than that pathetic BMW.

#6  And I just love looking at it. I have no nostalgia for the Eddie Lawson bikes, I just think this new bike is finer than frog's hair. The swoopy tank & fairing stripe screams, "If this thing's rockin', don't bother knockin'." 

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Re: What Are Your Most Enjoyed Benefits Of Your RS?
Reply #44 on: November 06, 2019, 10:55:01 AM
I love everything about this bike.  Comfort, handling, power, looks, sound.

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Re: What Are Your Most Enjoyed Benefits Of Your RS?
Reply #45 on: November 11, 2019, 03:33:41 AM
This bike is so much fun to ride the riding position for me is perfect, at this time in my life a wanted a bike with a sporty upright sitting position not a cruiser or touring bike the Z900RS fit this perfectly, I'm 5 foot 8.It is so much fun to ride that is all I want to do. I purchased in the third week in August and by October 14 I had over 3000 K and where I live that last ride for the year was at 16 C which was unusually for that time of year. All my rides consisted of 50 to 250 K it's fun to ride in town and on the highway . I purchased a Northern Cycle Plexi fairing 2 for highway riding. The engine pulls from down low all the way up and is silky smooth, 4000 RPM is approximately 120K .You can ride it stock and it's perfectly fine or you can modify it, I like the fact there are so many accessories available for it from radiator protectors to camshafts. Like I said the bike is great in stock trim but I look forward to dong some mods just because I like to. I have had many people comment " that's a nice looking bike". What about dial gauges wow , and all the neat things you can toggle through instant fuel and average mileage, trip A and B how much range left in the tank, temperature and time all with an easy click of the thumb. I can't wait for spring.  
Good review at https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2017/12/16/2018-kawasaki-z900rs-review-15-fast-facts/ except for the type O in torque should be 72 ft lbs.